Almost There

Hey all!  I feel like I’m constantly apologizing for tardiness, so this time I won’t.  Instead, I will fill you in on the things that have been taking up my time, and you can decide for yourself if they are worthy time-takers.  First, I have been curating my first ever show at the Ross Museum.  Don’t get too excited, it is in the smallest gallery… but still awesome and exciting!  The exhibit is called “Mother,” and it includes photography and printmaking by Shelby Lee Adams, Alen MacWeeney, Lucien Clergue, Garry Winogrand, Donna Ferrato, Jerome Liebling, Ernst Barlach, Janis Mars Wunderlich, Joan Myers, and Letitia Tarrago.  The images show a range of maternal moments, both sweet and sour, including: C-section scars, mothers living in poverty with their children, a mother peacefully sleeping next to her infant, death and burial of a young child, and children playing near their mothers.  The show occupies the front gallery where you enter the museum, and is running in conjunction with the Senior Art Show, which occupies the back three galleries.

Of course the bigger time-taker at the moment is writing my thesis paper.  I thought I’d share with you the summary I gave to my mentors as their update: I’ve decided to focus on the scroll’s relationship to photography, of course with emphasis on my work, and particularly the experience of time in scroll imagery.  I’m interweaving some pieces about scroll-as-poetic form, using some great quotes about scroll-as-musical-composition to make a bridge.  I’ve found some great tie-ins to this in John Szarkowski, George Rowley (who writes about the history of Chinese painting), Hans Richter (who continually revisited scroll painting throughout his career, and wrote some very powerful things about what scrolls can do), Stephen Lawson (who utilizes a strip camera), and a few others.  My oral defense is Friday, and, after giving a very short talk to Crystal Tursich’s Photo III class (alongside Kim and Nevin), I feel prepared to field questions.


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