In the Summertime

I was remiss in posting over the summer, but that does not mean I was inactive in art making.  I spent the summer destashing my expired film from the fridge and freezer.  You may be visualizing a handful of film rolls that had been hanging around for a few years, but you would be incorrect.  The film ranged from 9-19 years old, and included a full brick of color slide film, a handful of color rolls, and a large Tupperware container of b&w.  I’m not through it all yet, but I certainly made a sizable dent with my 35mm Holga.  When you work with expired film, it’s impossible to know whether you will get any results, because the film could be fogged, have some gnarly colors, or require more developing time.  I’m an optimist, so I figured it’s good as long as I average 1-5 usable images per roll.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to develop any of the film yet.  Hopefully I will get to at least a chunk of the b&w film this week, but the color and slide film has to be sent out to a lab that works with expired film.  They are willing to give it the little bit of extra TLC that other labs will not.  I’m excited to see what comes out of the film; I was using it as the jumping off point for my thesis, so it will certainly inform the next steps I take in my work.







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