My teaching internship formally wraps up on Wednesday, but we start individual final critiques tonight.  Each student will be meeting with Helen and me to go over their progress for the semester and to receive final grades on their projects.  I believe the meetings are twenty minutes each.  I’m interested to hear from each of the students, and to find out what they think their successes have been this semester.

My project is also wrapping up.  This week, I am working on printing the images for my final critique.  I will have 7 prints that are 44″x44″ when everything is said and done.  I’ve chosen an Epson Ultrasmooth Fine Art Paper as the surface.  My full-size test print showed a few areas I needed to work on, so I have been working in the interim to remedy the minor issues.  I really like the paper quality and it takes the images pretty well, it just needed a little nudge here and there to get the best tonal range out of the paper.  The largest prints I’ve made before this time (if you don’t count the 2’x6′ transparency from last semester) were 24×36, so this is new territory for me, presentation-wise.  I find that I don’t mind the large size, but you definitely need to match size to image.  It works well for these, but probably not for everything.  The big thing I am figuring out at the moment is print order.  I have 7 images, and I am very locked in to the placement of the first, middle, and last images, but that leaves 4 that are up in the air.  I’m alright with seeing the images together and then deciding, but I’d really rather have a plan of action and then change from there if needed.



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