And Now We Wait

I am blogging as I print my first large image of the semester (40″x40″), hence the title.  It takes the printer a long time to output such a large print, and the suspense builds.  Sadly, I was down with a virus this week, which meant that I had to miss both of the classes for my teaching internship.  That was an especially big bummer, since teaching internship is one of my favorite parts of the week.  Being at home gave me time to focus on fine-tune editing and some decision-making that needed to be done for the end of semester show, and of course also gave me time to watch all the mindless television that I am very glad is not part of my daily life.  I did at least manage to get to my Teaching Methods class.  I always enjoy that class, and get something out of it every time, even if it is just reaffirming a belief or notion I have about teaching.  As I’ve been in that class, it’s given me time to reflect on all the teachers in my past, both effective and ineffective.  Looking back, the classes that I absolutely hated, or did not feel that I got any benefit from, tended to be taught be people that I now see were not very good educators.  Some of them had that mentality of, “Hey, you!  Inferior human! Come drink from my fount of infinite knowledge!  I know all, you know nothing!” and others just failed to connect the material to anything tangible or relatable.  Thinking back on these experiences has helped me realize what I certainly don’t want to do in my future classes.  With the bad comes lots of good, and I realize I have been fortunate to experience a lot of great educators in my life. A lot of the things that stuck with me from my undergraduate classes have no real application in my daily life (they weren’t art related, for instance), but the effectiveness of the teaching caused them to make a lasting imprint in my psyche.  That puts a fine point on the power of education, and the positive influence it can wield.


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