Mood Indigo

My teaching internship continues to go well.  I had a super busy Wednesday; my undergraduate advisor, Cara Lee Wade, came in for a talk in the MFA space and I spent 24 hours squiring her around (which was fabulously fun), then we had critique class, and finally I ended the day with taking Helen and my students on a field trip I had organized for them.  We went to Canzani to see the MFA thesis show, “All This Happened, More or Less,” and I arranged for 4 of my classmates to come and talk about their work.  The students took a while to warm up to talking, but eventually they started asking good questions.  It was nice to get them out of their comfort zone.  We ended the evening with an exercise in critiquing.  The students split into groups of 3 and found a work of art in the gallery that we hadn’t heard about from the artist, and then they presented that work to the class.  There was a lot of talk about viewership and what they understood from the pieces as viewers.  I thought it was a very successful day, and I was glad that it went over so well.

I continue to work on my project, mostly editing at this point, and I will be printing this week.  I need to get a handle on how much space I get for our end of semester show before I lock into a space, but I am thinking 7 photographs somewhere between 20″-40″ square.  I think I’d like to be at the bigger end of that, but I really just need to figure out amount of space before I start printing them huge.  I’d rather sacrifice size than number of images, I think, in the long run; I’d prefer 7 20″ images over 3 40″ images.  I think it should be doable at full size, but we’ll see how much space my classmates need/get.  In our Theory & Criticism class we’re writing our intellectual histories, and it is proving to be an interesting exercise.  Mine seems to start in the Bahamas at the ripe old age of 6, exploring Forfar Field Station and watching people weave baskets and woodcarve.  Now I just need to fill in all the important things that happened between then and now.  I’m guessing that will be more challenging than it sounds.


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