Teaching Internship Update

My teaching internship is going very well.  Of course there have been the “normal” hiccups with the class (students asking to extend deadlines, missing classes, not being very well prepared), but no major snags.  Helen asked me last week to help prepare a field trip for next week.  We settled on taking the students over to Canzani for the MFA thesis show, “All of This Happened, More or Less.”  I have arranged for 5 students in the show to come talk about their thesis work for 15 minutes each, so that the Photo II kiddos can be exposed to some fresh contemporary art and hear some new people talk about their art making and concepts.  I’m going to suggest to Helen when we have class tonight that we might spend the rest of the time having the students critique some of the work they haven’t heard about specifically, to get into that practice, but she may have other ideas already.  I’ve also been tasked with leading the next critique, which will be for their final project.  I haven’t decided yet how I want to run that, but I definitely have ideas.  Getting a good bit of hands-on experience with this teaching internship, and really enjoying it as well.


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