Knowing the Unknowable, Touching the Untouchable

It seems like this semester is just whizzing by!  My project has undergone another transformation, and I just wanted to give a little update before I have critique on Wednesday.  I’m using a very similar working methodology to my original, but the concept has shifted.  As I started to review and edit my images, some patterns started emerging.  The ones that were most intriguing to me occurred in the images shot using the dogs.  We inhabit the same space, but I was struck by the fact that the dogs seemed to be pulling back the curtain on the “real” world as I experience it, and exposing the sublime (in the sense that Kant defines it, in terms of greatness, inimitability, and boundlessness).  The images have a frenetic and spiritual quality to them, and, at least in myself, provoke a strong emotional response.  I am currently doing paper sample tests using the sample packs I picked up at SPE, and in critique on Wednesday I hope to get some input on paper type and size.  The Hahnemuhle William Turner is still the paper to beat, but I have some beautiful samples that could be equally strong and, bottom line, a little more affordable.  Image


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