SPE (Society for Photographic Education) conference was this weekend.  I got to hear some great talks, namely from: Joan Fontcuberta, Catherine Lord, Mark Klett & Byron Wolfe, Kahn & Selesnick, and a new one to me, Mark Strandquist.  In addition, I went to a few industry talks, spent a few hours in the expo hall fondling papers/talking to folks about things.  Generally a good time, but I still haven’t been able to completely catch up on sleep or rid myself of the muscle soreness that comes from alternating long periods of sitting and walking.  I came away with some great paper samples to try out for this semester’s project.  I think the one I’m going to love the most is a Hahnemuhle matte paper called William Turner with deckled edges.

Spring Break is next week, and I have the unfortunate task of taking one of the dogs home to Indiana for a knee surgery that will take at least a month to heal, probably longer.  Not looking forward to putting him in the “cone of shame.”  Because I’m not going anywhere exciting, I should have lots of time to shoot more photos and hopefully some time to do print tests.  Then I should be able to try the print/projection combo I’m currently kicking around when I come back to Columbus.

2014-02-01_08-48-07 copy


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