Embracing Change

My internship is still going very well.  I’ve now experienced the harried atmosphere of prepping for a special workshop, I taught a segment of a class, and I’ve been excited to see how the students have grown in their work, even in half a semester.  There have been less than glorious moments, of course, mostly in the form of half the class not showing up two different times (so noticeable when you only have 11 to begin with), but you just have to roll with it.

The book format I had intended for this project is probably not going to be the final product.  During the course of my critique and lunch talk, people seemed fairly opposed to the media.  Do I agree with them?  Absolutely not.  However, I am open to change and can always make a book on my own after the semester is over.  My current thought is to do some kind of print/projection combination, but I’m still working that out.  My mentor and I met on Monday and bounced some ideas around, but obviously the choices are all mine, so it will just take some thought work.  My shooting methodology works for the new idea as-is, so I don’t intend to change that.  Just changing the output.

In other news, I leave this afternoon for SPE (Society for Photographic Education).  The lineup maybe isn’t quite as exciting as last year’s conference (because it was a big anniversary year and one of my all-time favorite photographers was there), but I am still excited.  I’m particularly stoked to hear Joan Fontcuberta, whom I have long admired, and Catherine Lord, who I studied for a few art history papers I wrote on queer theory and LGBTQ photography.  I’m also attending some industry talks so I can fill some of my tech knowledge gaps.  I’m also getting to visit with my undergrad advisor and good friend, Cara Lee Wade, as well as sneaking in a trip to the aquarium with my cousins.  Should be an action-packed couple of days, and will hopefully add fuel to the photo fire.


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