Projects, Internships, and Conferences, Oh My!

Life has a funny way of kicking you in the teeth sometimes… of course it would be the only time I’ve ever used my dogs in a project that they both have severe medical problems (for one of them, this is the first time he’s ever had more than an ear infection).  Theo, the black Cocker, has been walking a severe limp since Christmas.  We’d been to the vet, gone thru a course of anti-inflammatory/pain meds, and been told that it would heal up on its own.  Fast forward to Thursday, when we went back to the vet, and Friday, when Theo got x-rays taken of his leg, and we’re now scheduled for a $1000 surgical repair of a cruciate ligament rupture and a few months of recovery (no playtime, no exercise, no stairs).  The surgery is scheduled for mid-late March, during my Spring Break.  Bottom line, I’m not sure what this means for my project at the moment.  I guess more to come on that soon.

As for my teaching internship, it is still going well.  I actually got to teach a small segment of the class on Wednesday, on paper selection and digital printing.  Class went well, but Helen and I were both a little baffled that half the class was absent without giving any indication to us about missing class.  Not sure if there’s something going around, or if everyone just took a “mental health day,” but either way it was frustrating.  It was also awkward teaching to a half-empty room, when we already have a pretty small class.

The bright spot in this post is that I am gearing up for the Society for Photographic Education conference next week in Baltimore.  Not only am I excited for artist and industry talks, but I will also get to visit with my undergrad advisor/dear friend Cara Wade, as well as a few other friends and relatives that live in or around Baltimore.



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