Teaching Internship Progress

I’ve been a bit remiss in writing about my teaching internship, but that is certainly not for a lack of talking about it in “real life.”  Seriously, I think everyone around me is tired of hearing how much I love it and how much I’m learning.  Wednesday marked the first critique for the students’ first big project, which will continue on Monday.  The students who have critiqued thus far are really coming up with some creative solutions to the parameters they were given.  Some have really taken to film and darkroom printing, while others are still struggling with their use of filters and exposure.  It’s a learning curve.  I think for this first project that they should all be proud of how far they’ve come.

Helen’s teaching methods seem to be very effective.  I admire the fact that she manages to be nurturing to the students without crossing any boundaries or getting involved in their personal lives at all.  I had a professor like that in my undergrad who I got quite close to, and I already knew they were a rare breed.  Her style contrasts my own, which I think makes it particularly valuable to be able to observe this class.


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