Victory Dance

I had a mentor meeting with Helen Hoffelt on Monday, probably our second-to-last for the semester, and it was a really great meeting.  We both are confident that I am where I need to be in the completion of the project to be ready for our end of semester show December 13.  When I met with Tracy Longley-Cook last week, we talked about what my project was born out of, and how that experience influenced the work.  This especially shows in the use of rectangles and the elongated rectangles of each piece, which mirror the experience of traveling long distances in a car through these vast landscapes.  The whole landscape becomes this elongated rectangular blur, punctuated by individual clear rectangles, framed by the car window.  Helen and I also talked about the fact that this project is largely about the disconnect between us and nature, illustrated by an exploration of the way we view landscape, and that car travel is really one of the most easily understood methods of disconnect.  When you think about it, it’s very surreal to travel through these vast landscapes, which are often hot or cold, in the perfectly controlled temperature box that is the automobile.  Bizarre.

We made a small list of things I should try to accomplish by my critique tomorrow, and then for the end of semester show.  It was all very doable, but we agreed that I will be finishing right on time, not early.  Still to come in the next day or two is a trip to the hardware store to get T pins and spacers of some sort (probably several sorts) so that I can work on figuring out the distance from the wall for my pieces.  In the next few weeks, I will be doing a density test print on the transparency to determine the opacity needed for each section of image, so that I can print my final prints to look right in our gallery space.  I am also supposed to talk to Molly and Michael about lighting options in the gallery so that I can give my pieces the most dimensionality possible.  Very excited.   As for next semester, I have already conceived an idea, discussed it with John Fergus-Jean, who I am asking to be my mentor for the project, and secured a teaching internship with Helen.  I am very much looking forward to the teaching methods component of next semester and learning from classroom experience.


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