Studio Visit with Tracy Longley-Cook

On Thursday, I had a studio visit (my first!) with Tracy Longley-Cook.  Before our studio visit, she gave a great talk about her work, particularly focusing on the way it has evolved over time and her emphasis on the objectness of photography.  Seeing as my theme this semester has really become landscape as object/photo as object, she couldn’t have been a more perfect person to meet with!  I came in early that morning to get my studio in order and get some work set up for Tracy and I to talk about, and I ended up having a major breakthrough in my work, which was just a complete gift in its timing.

I have been struggling to figure out what goes behind each image, because they have seemed somehow incomplete to me.  Too literal, perhaps, or not object-y enough?  I have started playing with putting 2 of my constructed landscapes on transparency together, and spacing them a little way from the wall.  I am very pleased with the result, but I have only been able to print one of my new or redone images, so I have been using the prints I already had.  I think I will be even more pleased when I am using the finalized images, because I’ve ironed out some kinks.  I meet with my mentor today, after getting to have a Q&A and lunch with Miranda July (!) and I look forward to hearing what Helen thinks.  I am fairly certain she will be as excited as I am.


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