During my mentor meetings, I have been challenged since day one to figure out the viewer’s experience in regards to my project, and to start my process with presentation.  Firstly, this is NOT the way I work.  I formulate concept first, tackle my aesthetic and technical questions second, and FINSIH with presentation and viewership.  Neither of these ways is particularly more “right” than the other, it is just a different way of working.  So, much earlier than normal, I have figured out how I would like the viewer to interact with my work.

I am pushing forward with the same formal qualities and stepping back to a modified version of what I wrote in a proposal for this project months and months ago.  The images will be printed on cling vinyl and affixed in windows, so that the natural, yet constructed, landscape I have created will situate transparently between viewer and what is beyond the window, which will, for the time being, be downtown Columbus, OH.  City and nature will visually interact, with light playing a vital role in that interplay.  At certain times, the light passing through the vinyl from the outside may also project my images into a space, adding another layer to their reading.  The viewer will, of course, bring their own experiences and memories to viewership, so it will have a different emotional and cerebral connection for each person, dependent on many factors of life experience.


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