Monthly Archives: September 2013


My project is staying in the same vein aesthetically, but switching gears a bit in both delivery and communication of content.  This is in direct response to some artistic soul searching and feedback from people whose opinions I value, during critique.  I meet with my mentor again tomorrow, after a week’s hiatus, and I am hoping she can assist me in clarifying my direction a bit.  Researching manifest destiny at the moment, and still making more work.  To quote Meet the Robinsons, “Keep moving forward.”





This is my most recent round of roughs, and I think they are finally taking on the appearance I intended for them.  Other than sketching and roughs, I have also been working a lot behind the curtain for this project doing research on what technology suits phase 2 the best.  I have been looking into barcodes and QR a lot, and how to seamlessly imbed them into imagery.  I have also been playing a lot with size and print material so that the interactive component of this project is not lost.  Enigmatic, I know, but I will give a more complete post about the project after critique tomorrow.  I guess you’ll just have to wait on the edge of your seat until then…

Artist I am looking at: Gus Petro, Daniella Zalcman, Joseph Ford, Roeland Otten, Daniel Kukla, Stephen Wilkes, Sergey Larenkov, Monica Denevan